Goon Squad Fender Decals
(Sold as Set - $9)

If you enjoy following my racing adventures while I chase championships, please help to support my efforts by purchasing my custom Goon Squad decals. All proceeds will go towards helping to offset the costs of chasing a national championship. 


I really do appreciate all the support I receive from sponsors and individual contributors alike, and without you guys this would be a lot harder! Thank you so much for the support


James East #355

Goon Squad Fender Decals
(Sold as set - $9

Goon Squad Window Decals
(Sold as set - $4

Don't Be Lazy Decals
(Sold each - $3)

Are you tired of seeing racers begging for handouts for their premiere novice year? Tired of watching those slackjaw mofos use your hard spent GoFundMe donations on random crap, or a brand new sports car? Then purchase one of these badass stickers to show your disdain for those other guys!

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