Goon Squad Airsoft

Low Speed, High Drag

Formed in 2014 Goon Squad is a team of like minded individuals who enjoy shooting toy guns at all their friends. We do our best to have a good time all while maintaining our goofy attitudes. As long as you don't take it too seriously airsoft is a kick-ass hobby that keeps us in good shape while having a great time!


James East
James East




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Team Roster

James East     GS-LDR

Koty Richardson     GS-01

Tyler Young     GS-02

Lawrence Corbett     GS-03

Sam Webster     GS-04

Pat Chang     GS-05

Josiah Sin     GS-06

Jordan Scott     GS-07

Timothy Garrett     GS-08

Luke Waters     GS-09
Benjamin Marney - GS-10
Bobby Gover - GS-11
Jeff Hawkins - GS-12
Colleen Hawkins - GS-13
Billy Eyer - GS-14
Owen Skarpness - GS-15

Provisional Members
Darrel Greenland

Upcoming Events

February 2nd - Operation Bone Strike
     TCA @ Parkview Regional Medical Center in Vicksburg, MS

March 16th - The Grozny Insurgency
     Milsim West @ camp Shelby, MS

May 4th - 6th - Operation Stone Breaker

        Third Coast Airsoft @ GTI Training Facility


September 14th-16th - Operation Bone Strike II
      Third Coast Airsoft @ Vicksburg, MS

November 9th-11th - The Shali Sweep
     Milsim West @ Camp Shelby, MS